Stamp out Gossip

Have you ever heard your teammates complain about someone or something at work? Gossip is the same thing as counting your resentment bank money. It only solidifies a person’s feelings and encourages others to feel the same way, bringing down the morale of the whole store. Nip this one in the bud by not allowing gossip at work.

No Empty Hands

Are you constantly running around at the end of the shift trying to get things cleaned up before going home?  Time management is practiced ALL DAY LONG and this one little tip could make your shift end on time and with everyone smiling a little more.


Rating Your Team

After several years of getting stung by surprise evaluations by the District Manager, I came up with a foolproof way of predicting what these evaluation scores were going to be BEFORE we even got them. It was simple: use the same criteria the DM used to rate the team. Then all we had to do was work on the scores and our evaluations got steadily better, ever since.

See how to do it yourself.


Believe Your Team

People are wonderfully consistent animals. They walk, talk and act just like their belief system and worldview dictates. Stop making excuses for your team member’s problems. See how their consistent behavior will show you what they will do next and you will be able to prevent many a difficult shift.


No More Snap Judgments

How many times have you been reprimanded by a manager who didn’t take the time to view the situation better and ruined your work environment and attitude? Taking a second or two to really understand the dynamics of a situation before adding your two cents can create a much better working environment for everyone involved.


Don’t forget to SMILE

Too many managers are not beginning their communications with their teams with a smile. This is adding to a depressing company culture and making managers an easy target for gossip.


Two-way Communication

Have you ever noticed that your team isn’t doing things the way you want them to? The problem may be your communication style. Two-way communication is going to help you with this.

Unicorn Envy

Do you know what happens when you do your job really well? Other people start assassinating your character to try to make you look less intelligent or competent than them. I call this Unicorn Envy. If you follow along with these lessons and apply them to your job, you will probably run into this. Here are some tips about what to do about it, which really depends on who is trying to sabotage you.

Be The Hero

Every day managers are faced with difficult situations, but if you look at it correctly, what you are seeing are actual opportunities to “Be The Hero.” When everything goes well, you generally get a thank you at the end of your job. Maybe even a tip. But when something goes wrong, you can actually turn the customer into a raving fan.


Resentment Banks

Have you ever seen a person explode emotionally over a small thing? Well, if you talked to them afterward you would probably hear about all the other small things that just built up over time until they just couldn’t handle it anymore. I call this buildup of anger and resentments “RESENTMENT BANKS.” Learn how to defuse these ticking time bombs before they ruin your day.