Managing businesses since 1981

Terrible Herbst1981 – 1983  Terrible Herbst Gas- First management position. Started as a graveyard attendant, promoted to General Manager 6 months later. Interviewed, hired and trained a wonderful team. I made schedules, managed retail sales of oil & cigarettes, maintained product inventory, responsible for daily cash reconciliations, bank deposits. One day I arrived at work to find the owners had sold the location to another business.

Dennys1983 – 1988  Denny’s- First Restaurant management position. Over 5 years restaurant experience prior to this as a cook, dishwasher, busboy, waiter in other restaurants. Started Denny’s as line cook. Soon began training other cooks, then cooks for other Denny’s. Promoted to Assistant Manager a year later. Interviewed prospective employee candidates, reviewed employee performances, scheduled all job codes for 24/7 restaurant, trained personnel and ensured customer satisfaction, restaurant cleanliness and unit profitability during entire shift. Most of the units I worked at had a Full bar, so I learned to follow pour guidelines, hire, train and keep an eye on bartenders as well as the occasional problem customer.


Fresh Choice1993 – 1996 Fresh Choice- Assistant Manager at highest volume restaurant in entire chain. Employee development, ensured great customer service, sanitation, profitability, etc. . . Had the best labor % and food costs in the company.  Developed local area marketing programs that raised store volume and increased customer loyalty. Company of the Week, the insanely successful Local School Fundraisers and created popular slogan, “Got Fresh Lately.” Our restaurant consistently rated the highest in sanitation, food standards and health inspections in the entire chain. We were the ones everyone else was compared to.

spinnaker_sailing_logo_751996 – 2000 Spinnaker Sailing- Managed a Sailing school, 2 marinas and a yacht charter base. Worked on the website and helped with new programs like the Summer BBQs. Was recruited heavily by a Venture Capitalist. Left just in time to experience the Dotcom bust first-hand.

Applebees2002 – 2004 Applebees- Manager. All the usual employee development tasks, train, hire, fire, schedule, supervise, customer service. Full Bar. Excellent, well trained staff. Accepted offer for Managing Partner at Texas Roadhouse.


texasroadhouselogo752004 – 2005 Texas Roadhouse- Managing Partner. All the usual management duties with Full bar, but add to it Bakery, Meat cutter, and EVERYTHING is made from scratch. Awesome restaurant to eat in. Everything on the menu was excellent and the employees were the best in the industry.

spinnaker_sailing_logo_752006 to 2015 Spinnaker Sailing-  Manager. I am the assistant to the Harbormaster for the Redwood Landing Marina and the Redwood City Municipal Marina. I interface with the marina tenants, make sure all applications for berths are complete and all current tenants are complying with marina rules & regulations. I take in maintenance requests and follow up with port staff to ensure repairs are completed. Maintain the marina database to ensure all information is current and correct. I also manage the sailing school and the sailing club, which means making sure we have enough of the properly certified instructors teaching the classes they are most qualified to teach, register students and make sure they get the appropriate materials and forms, pay the correct fees and answer any questions they may have. I maintain a student database, proctor ASA sailing exams, test students on knots as well as instruct some classes and skipper boats for evening and afternoon cruises where I answer questions, give instruction to those who want it and make sure a good time is had by all. I wear a lot of hats at this job and am trained to perform many different functions. I really like it a lot, but I have gone as far as this career path will take me, and I really need to get a job closer to my family.

Applebees2015 – 2018 Applebees- Bar Manager. All the usual employee development tasks, train, hire, fire. I made the schedules for the hosts & carside, managed the bar, did liquor & food inventories as well as ordering and invoice posting. I had an  excellent, well trained staff.