No Empty Hands

Are you constantly running around at the end of the shift trying to get things cleaned up before going home?  Time management is practiced ALL DAY LONG and this one little tip could make your shift end on time and with everyone smiling a little more.


Rating Your Team

After several years of getting stung by surprise evaluations by the District Manager, I came up with a foolproof way of predicting what these evaluation scores were going to be BEFORE we even got them. It was simple: use the same criteria the DM used to rate the team. Then all we had to do was work on the scores and our evaluations got steadily better, ever since.

See how to do it yourself.


Believe Your Team

People are wonderfully consistent animals. They walk, talk and act just like their belief system and worldview dictates. Stop making excuses for your team member’s problems. See how their consistent behavior will show you what they will do next and you will be able to prevent many a difficult shift.