Never Ending Todo List and the Management Workflow

Everyone needs a workflow, which is another way of saying “routine.” A good workflow ensures that you don’t forget anything before you consider a job complete. A Never Ending Todo List is the beginning of a truly successful manager’s day. Skip this at your own peril.


Dealing With Difficult People

How do you deal with difficult people?

If you have ever had a job in your life, or if you have ever gone to school, you will have noticed certain people who haven’t always wanted to participate in projects or complete their assignments. Maybe they were always breaking the rules or tried to show you that following the status-quo was stupid. Well, these people are everywhere and they can be quite good for the organization. Anyone who makes you think about why you are doing something has provided you a service. Don’t think so? Has a customer ever asked you a question you didn’t know the answer to? Chances are good that the difficult co-worker already brought up the subject but you didn’t listen because they are always such a pain.

So how do you deal with these people and get them to do what is needed?


Empathy is a True Leader’s Secret Weapon

It may take a few years of getting beat up at work before a manager learns the power of empathy. Why wait? Get the memo today!


Stamp out Gossip

Have you ever heard your teammates complain about someone or something at work? Gossip is the same thing as counting your resentment bank money. It only solidifies a person’s feelings and encourages others to feel the same way, bringing down the morale of the whole store. Nip this one in the bud by not allowing gossip at work.