Be The Hero

Every day managers are faced with difficult situations, but if you look at it correctly, what you are seeing are actual opportunities to “Be The Hero.” When everything goes well, you generally get a thank you at the end of your job. Maybe even a tip. But when something goes wrong, you can actually turn the customer into a raving fan.


Resentment Banks

Have you ever seen a person explode emotionally over a small thing? Well, if you talked to them afterward you would probably hear about all the other small things that just built up over time until they just couldn’t handle it anymore. I call this buildup of anger and resentments “RESENTMENT BANKS.” Learn how to defuse these ticking time bombs before they ruin your day.


Intro to Frontline Leadership

The difference between groups and individuals as well as the difference between having relationships with your crew and having A relationship with someone IN your crew is very important. Once we understand where to draw the lines correctly, we can work more effectively with everyone.



Management 101 recap

Let’s take a minute to see how all of these steps flow into each other to create a well-oiled, highly successful management workflow.


#4 Appreciate

Everyone I talk to thinks they do this step right and often. They are always wrong on both counts. Appreciation is more than saying “thanks,” or “good job,” and what you are missing is the difference between someone feeling appreciated and you thinking you appreciated someone.