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  • The Shirt that started it all
  • A list of famous people with ADD
  • ADD has many attitudes and
  • each shirt is a reminder of how to deal with them.
  • Rules are a fun way for ADD to brag a little
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  • ADD Parents earn BIG respect
  • Parents put up with well-meaning friends and relatives
  • But they have no clue. Parenting an ADD is a badge of honor.

Alpha Delta Delta is a Fraternity/Sorority created for people who either have ADD or the people who love them.

It was created to combat the negative social stigmas surrounding the symptoms of ADHD. People with ADD are usually very intelligent and creative, but unfortunately, they get picked on quite a bit and their self-esteem takes a beating on a daily basis.

Hyper-Activewear is a line of clothing created to combat the negative messages the Alpha Delta Deltas constantly endure.

These shirts are also a constant reminder that Alpha Delta Deltas should be treated differently if you want to help them succeed.

Parenting an Alpha Delta Delta is a very challenging job. because parents must listen to well-meaning but uneducated friends and relatives and their advice on how best to raise their kids, there is also a t-shirt line for parents. “A Calm Child Never Made a Great Parent” was created to let regular parents know that we have parenting skills they are unaware even exist. They never had to learn how to deal with the difficulties we must deal with on a daily basis. We are the parenting superstars. They just got lucky.

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