Dr MIDI was a nickname I was given while working in a music store in down town Sunnyvale called “Music World.”

I had been a musician most of my life, studying music, voice in high school and at San Jose State University. I have taken some guitar lessons at an early age but am mostly self-taught in classical, flemenco and basic guitar. I played bass guitar in a band (Grey Nation) and I purchased  a Macintosh computer in 1989, a Yamaha DX7, a Roland D-50 and an Akai AX60 (keyboards), along with some recording gear, signal processors and mixers.

I called my recording studio F.A.C.E. Productions and I produced music for artists videos, dive videos and various other projects.

After reading everything I could find about MIDI the Musical Instrument Digital Interface that connected my computer to my keyboards and recording equipment, and attending the Draper Institute for Electronic Music I found myself always being asked to answer the questions about keyboards and computer software whenever anyone came into Music World.

Soon people were asking to hire me to come to their homes and help them with their studios, and I began teaching seminars at other music stores and software stores. In a few months I was traveling from Marin County to Monterey and companies were sending me their products so I could demo them and write about them in the Electronic Music trade magazines.

This was fun, but very time consuming and eventually, I had to give it up.

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