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I’ve created marketing programs in various organizations over the years.

Fresh Choice- Got Fresh Lately

I combined Ford’s “have you driven a Ford lately” with “Got Milk” and purposed it for Fresh Choice – “Got Fresh Lately?” I created a banner and flew it under the Almaden mall marqee. I have a photo of it somewhere.

COW- Company of the Week

I baked some muffins and brought them over to local companies and put them in their lobbies on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays with a flyer offering 10% off everyone who shows their company badge at checkout. Got lots of new faces every week.

Local school dining fundraisers

Local school fundraising was not new, but I took it to another level. We created a school night during the week and gave 10% of tab of everyone who mentioned that school went towards that school. I then created a flyer with the school name and how much they raised and posted it at the entrance to the restaurant for everyone to see. Our slower weekday dinner shifts swelled and our popularity in the community grew tremendously. We raised more money for our schools than anyone else, donating thousands of dollars per month. Soon, other businesses got into the game, but they never demonstrated their effectiveness to the public and never got the same results.


Came up with a fun name for a racing yacht. It is a meaningless word I created that added fun to the racing program. It was meant to be a topic of discussion where everyone on the team, when asked what it meant, could give a different definition, perpetuating the mystique. Notice the winking sail in the logo.

DiCarta – Life of a contract

I brought a 21st century contract management software company back into the 19th century and positioned it in the Teamsters organizational management. Fun and effective, although my graphic skills were a little rough.


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